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Announcing aspenONE - the Revolutionary New Software System for Helping the Process Industries Improve Operational Performance

aspenONE(TM) addresses Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) market by delivering solutions that bridge the gap between business systems and the plant systems that control process operations

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct 11, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Aspen Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AZPN) today announced the release of aspenONE, a new generation of software solutions from AspenTech that represents a major step forward in helping process manufacturers improve profitability and achieve their strategic operational excellence initiatives. Delivered on a single set of six DVDs, aspenONE addresses the demands of the Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) information technology market by providing companies with an integrated system that enables them to manage and optimize their operational performance.

These new aspenONE solutions are tailored for six process industry markets (oil & gas, petroleum, chemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods). The solutions consist of modules that address key business processes in engineering & innovation, plant operations and supply chain management.

"The launch of aspenONE is truly a groundbreaking event in the process industries because companies can now make operational decisions based on profitability, taking into account the real constraints on their business," said David McQuillin, president and CEO, AspenTech. "But even more important is the fact they will be able to use process models to analyze future performance, and - quite literally for the first time - actually manage their operations, and not simply react to them."

Enterprise Operations Management & aspenONE

Enterprise Operations Management is the name of an emerging market for IT solutions that will drive the next wave of innovation and profitability for the process industries. EOM solutions bridge the gap that currently exists between the business systems that record financial performance and the plant systems that control second-by-second process operations.

aspenONE provides the capabilities demanded by the EOM market by employing accurate models to analyze and optimize the key manufacturing and business processes. Using these models, real-time information from both plant and enterprise systems can be evaluated and made available to users in a form that is relevant to their specific functions so that they can act on it in time to impact profitability. This information is delivered via role-based "virtual dashboards" that provide real-time visibility, look-forward analytics, performance scorecarding, and workflow and event management capabilities.

Partner Support Key to Enterprise Success

aspenONE leverages the capabilities provided by a number of AspenTech's leading technology partners, including Microsoft, TIBCO, Fair Isaac and Hyperion.

Microsoft made significant contributions to the development of aspenONE, including providing its development tools, database software, and the engineering resources needed to take full advantage of its enterprise-class software such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

"The process industry is now looking at ways to leverage information technology investments to improve profitability and drive innovation," said Chris Colyer, global process industry manager, Manufacturing Industry Unit at Microsoft. "Microsoft's goal is to work closely with partners, such as AspenTech, to help facilitate the delivery of solutions that meet the specific needs of the various verticals within this industry, while ensuring connectivity with the systems driving business operations."

AspenTech plans to incorporate Microsoft technology into future generations of aspenONE. The company is also looking at addressing other process industries beyond the initial six currently identified.

About AspenTech

Aspen Technology, Inc. provides industry-leading software and implementation services that enable process companies to use simulation models to increase efficiency and profitability. aspenONE, a new generation of software solutions from AspenTech, represents a major step forward in helping process manufacturers achieve their strategic operational excellence initiatives. The first comprehensive offering to address the demands of the Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) market, aspenONE provides companies with integrated systems that enable them to manage and optimize their operational performance. Over 1,500 leading companies already rely on AspenTech's software, including Aventis, Bayer, BASF, BP, ChevronTexaco, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Fluor, GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, and Total. For more information, visit

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