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AspenTech's Patented aspenONE Master Data Model Delivers Asset Lifecycle Management

Provides One View of Enterprise Data Across Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain for Optimizing Costing, Construction and Operations Management


Aspen Technology, Inc. (OTC: AZPN.PK) today announced a recently issued patent covering key aspects of the aspenONE Master Data Model. The Master Data Model which is integrated within the aspenONE suite of applications makes end-to-end asset lifecycle management a reality. The aspenONE Master Data Model provides one enterprise view of process data associated with Engineering design and Manufacturing Supply Chain operations and is integrated with DCS and ERP systems through a vendor neutral interface.

-- aspenONE's Master Data Model is a federated data model designed
    specifically for the process industries. By integrating once to
    the Master Data Model, 3rd party applications are connected to all
    aspenONE applications. This simplifies data integration and
    optimizes the value of ERP and other transaction-based systems.

-- The "enter once - share by all" model allows process design and
    operating data to be stored, shared and used by design,
    optimization and decision support applications for true end-to-end
    asset lifecycle management.

-- By using a unified data platform and a common interface, aspenONE
    makes it easier to:
    --  Reliably increase enterprise agility by improving data
        accuracy and utilization across business functions.

    --  Support continuous process improvement by connecting real-time
        plant information to engineering design for rigorous
        monitoring of performance.

    --  Decrease time to market and capital costs by electronically
        storing and managing as-designed, as-built and as-operated
        plant information.
 -- aspenONE's Master Data Model conforms to SOA, which enables the
     aspenONE suite of applications to adhere to industry standards
     such as S95, ISO 15926, B2MML and Open O&M (Operations and

 -- AspenTech's recently released aspenONE V7 software includes an
     integrated basic engineering environment that is supported by
     aspenONE's Master Data Model. This provides global engineering
     teams fast access to project data for round-the-clock execution,
     making it easier for process industry companies to adopt the 7
     Best Practices of Engineering Excellence.

Supporting Quotes:

Dr. Sid Snitkin, VP & GM of Enterprise Advisory Services, ARC Advisory Group

    --  "Asset lifecycle management is the cornerstone to optimizing
        performance and achieving the greatest level of return during
        every stage of process manufacturing, but the ability to
        seamlessly capture and manage critical design and operating
        data has hamstrung that effort until now. aspenONE's MDM sets
        a new standard that will help asset-intensive organizations
        eliminate a wide range of complexities that cause staggering
        losses each year as a result of inefficient plant design,
        construction and operation."

    Blair Wheeler, Senior Vice President, Marketing, AspenTech

    --  "The patent covering key aspects of aspenONE's master data
        model represents another achievement in AspenTech's long
        history of process industry innovation. It also represents
        AspenTech's commitment to make aspenONE the foundation for
        best practices in process optimization, and our core mission
        of making it easier for process industry companies to achieve
        operational excellence."

    Supporting Resources:

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    About AspenTech

AspenTech is a leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturing. With integrated aspenONE solutions, process manufacturers can implement best practices for optimizing their engineering, manufacturing and supply chains. As a result, AspenTech customers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs and become more energy efficient. To see how AspenTech is making it easier for the world's leading process manufacturers to achieve their operational excellence goals, visit

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